Thursday, 28 May, 2009

King Barca

Did you ever see someone bulldozing Manchester united? Yes, I witnessed that ultimate moment in today's ManU vs Barca Champions league final match. Barcelona dumped ManU and proved that they are the best in the business for the year 2008-09. Manchester United never looked like a team to win the game. Barcelona looked so relaxed all through the match and got maximum possession. Their short passing was too good and Manchester United rarely got the ball. It was not like clash of titans as people expected before the match as Barcelona emerged as clear winner taking the revenge to their defeat in last year's champions league semi final. Leonel Messi was clearly better than his counterpart Christiano Ronaldo, who looked like a frustrated man for major part of the game. Barcelona got the early advantage in 10th minute with the help of Samuel Eto's goal.

Barcelona's midfielders Xavi Hernandez, Iniesta were very impressive in midfield. Messi,Henry and Eto looked so dangerous as always. But in today's match best player was their captain Puyol. He was like superman constantly with the ball everywhere in the field. In between he showed Ronaldo how to act in field! As a result Ronaldo got a yellow card too. Rooney was busy waiting for the ball as he rarely got an opportunity to play. I am disappointed with Tevez today. In past few matches he gave the required momentum to Manchester United with his electrifying presence in the field. His performance in today's match was way below his standards. Best player from ManU in this match was undoubtedly Vandersaar, their goalkeeper. He made some crucial saves but failed to stop two best hits from Eto and Messi. Finally Barcelona emerged as the Europian Champions League winner. Messi scored highest number of goals in the tournament(9 in 12 matches). As expected in my earlier posts Manchester United and Barcelona dominated the whole season in their respective leagues and a champions league final between these two teams was a perfect platform for a great match. But the match was not really great as Barcelona dominated ManU right from the start of the match. Overall I enjoyed the match because I was supporting Barcelona. Congrats Barcelona for winning Europian Champions League. Hope they can repeat same form in next season too.


  1. i stopped following soccer.But still what i can make up from your post and news channels is Barcelona is the best team for 09 in Europe.I congragulate you and Barcelona for the heroics they
    displayed. hatrick is rare.

  2. Even i support Barcelona because of Henry i m great fan to him right from his arsenal club. Even i support Messi becuase i always think he should be picked for instead of ronaldino for best player.

    But things did not go well for Manu on that day but They deserve to loose by some splendid team work of Barcelona.
    good work keep blogging