Friday, 24 July, 2009

My Love

When it rains, I will be your umbrella.
When it’s hot, I will be your cooler.
When it’s cold, I will be your pullover.

When you are alone, I will be your shadow.

When you sing, I will be your notes.

When you dance, I will be your anklet.

When you are angry, I will be your victim.

When you are happy, I will be your companion.
When you cry, I will be your tear drop.
When you laugh, I will join you.
When you play, I will encourage you.
When you win, I will cheer you.

When you lose, I will motivate you.

When you love me, I will love you too.

When you hate me, I will show you what love is.

Love me or hate me…

Be with me forever!!


  1. Look's like i shud add a lot in this one.
    Good one changed a lot after some someone in u r life..................

  2. Hey Vishal Thanks. The change thing is not true re. You should add something and I am waiting for it eagerly.

  3. When it rains,I want to be under your umbrella
    When you dance,I want to move a leg with you
    For I no longer want to be a Cinderella
    I want to see you happy and want to be the reason for it too.

    My two cents,Sir!

  4. Hmm... Sandeep you wrote a different version to my poem with a different perception. Loved it. The last line is so nice.
    Thanks :)

    Btw thanks for the cents... This makes the count 4 right?