Friday, 25 December, 2009

3 Idiots

Few years back when I was reading Chetan Bhagat's 'five point someone', I strongly believed that one day I can see that movie on big screen. The story itself is a perfect tailor made one for a bollywood movie. Many years after when I came to know that RajKumar Hirwani directing that movie with Aamir in the lead role, I've decided to watch it on day1. I didn't notice that the release date is on Christmas eve. So decided to watch it after finishing my office.

Downloaded the songs but in the very first hearing I understood that they are all situational songs, so just kept them aside and started waiting for movie. Then came telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh. Regular bandhs... So I am not sure whether theaters will be open or close. Was not in a mood to take risk by booking in advance but still thinking about different possibilities to watch that movie. One more thing is me and my friends decided to meet on the same day. Normally we meet every week but after Vijay's marriage we are finding hard to meet regularly. We booked Christmas day in advance for our meet. One day before Christmas bandh JAC people decided not to put bandh on Christmas day. Just after knowing the news I checked for tickets availability in internet and I found only 3 tickets remaining for that day. So I've booked last 3 tickets of Day1(Morning show).... Prasad's multplex...... Screen1.... Row1.... Seats1-3. Just in front of that big screen. Without big planning we 3 idiots(Rakesh Reddy Tammannagari / Rock, Srinivas Jagirdar / Cnu, Vijay Raghava Samudrala / Vijju) made it to the first day morning show of 3 Iidiots.

You know what 1 day before this Sam bhai(Salva Maneesh Varma) messaged all of us saying 'Mama, Watch 3 idiots. It's really very nice'. After going to Pondichery for his MBA, I thought this man stopped watching movies. But he started watching premier shows itself!!

Cast: Aamir Khan,Madhavan,Sharman Joshi,Kareena Kapoor,Boman Irani
Music: Shantanu Moitra
Director: RajKumar Hirwani
Producer: VidhuVinod Chopra
Genre: Comedy
Result: All is well!!

Basic Plot:
Story of 3 friends. College life, friendship, Love, few serious things and many more.

Rancho(Aamir), Farhan(madhavan), Raju(Sharman Joshi) are roommates, classmates in Indian College of Engineering(ICE), a premier institute in India. Rancho believes that there is some problem in educational system. He thinks that we should understand the practical importance of concepts rather than just reading them. Farhan wants to become wildlife photographer but decided to join in engineering on his dad's force. Raju has all possible problems which we use to see in old movies like Ill father, Retired and still hard working mother, Unmarried sister and above all poverty. Then we have Boman Irani the dean of the college. He believes in rules than reasons and sensibilities. Kareena is daughter of Boman. The story is a staright lift from hetan Bhagat's 'five point someone' but director made few changes to make it more interesting. He brought the concept in the book and kept it in the template which he prepared earlier for Munnabhai MBBS. We can see many resemblances with Munnabhai in 3 Idiots. Kareena role is minimized when compared with her part in original novel. Movie has everything which people expects in perfect commercial bollywood movie minus fights!!

Aamir, madhavan and Sharman fitted perfectly to their roles. The chemistry between them is picture perfect. I was surprised to see Aamir looking really like a college student. He is a genius. Kareena is good in her role. She looked very cute unlike all other movies of her where she prefers to be sexy. Her costumes and makeup are perfect to portray her as a traditional Indian modern girl. Boman did a repeat of his role in Munnabhai. These type of roles are tailor made for him. He did well. All other characters in the movie are very natural and did their best.

Technical Departments:
RajKumar Hirwani once again succeeds in creating a story which is suitable for all sections of crowd. Very intelligently he used the theme of Munnabahi and story of Five point someone and added message to create a feel good and lovely movie. Full points to Hirwani. Music is not so great if you listen only songs but if you watch them on screen, they are perfect. very well inserted in the story and you never feel like deviated from the story. Wonderful work. Cinematography is in top notch. The way he showed beauty of Manali, Ladakh is visual treat to audience. Vidhu Vinod Chopra as always marked his stamp as great producer who always backed up in every way he can to fulfill director's dream and to deliver great cinema to audience.

3 Idiots is a must watch. Students and alumni cam see themselves in any of the characters of the movie. Very entertaining and also delivers a good message. Nice performances from all actors, best inputs form all technicians and fine teamwork of all of them makes this movie a must watch.

Entertainment Quotient: 9 out of 10

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