Wednesday, 21 January, 2009


Here comes my first post.
It took 2 years for me to implement my idea of starting a blog. So there must be some strong reason/topic which forced me to write all of a sudden.
The title looks like a serious one... Yes, you are right. It is a serious topic. If you are looking for an entertaining post, then you don't need to read the next few lines. You can just visit some other blog and enjoy.

Yesterday night after watching Barack Obama's Acceptance speech in TV, my room-mate started asking me some questions on the speech. Obama said that he'll try his best to save America from the crisis situation they are facing today. My room-mates asked me, Do you think americans are really in a crisis situation? If you think so What is the reason?
This is a very interesting queston and I started explaining him about the circumstances and issues which forced the so called richest and powerful nation to fall into this big trap.... "Economic Crisis". We discussed about it for a quite long time. I told him about the role of banks in getting to this situation. How their over enthusiasm and unplanned behaviour affected the economy of America. Then out of no where we got a word called corruption. The word which came to my mind when I saw the movie Bharatheeyudu(By Kamal Hassan and Shankar) for the first time on big screen. I know it has nothing to do with present America's stuation but we started discussing on that topic. So this guy became very emotional and wanted to stop corruption in India.
Almost every Indian says the same thing... I want to stop corruption in India. But how? Nobody even dare to think of that question. Because they strongly believe it won't work without even thinking of something. Typical Indian mentality. When you ask them why can't they stop it, They'll tell you so many reasons.
Here comes the reasons:
1) There is no proper political system.
2) Politicians are corrupt.
3) We can't do anything without giving bribe(May be they are referring to the way our government offices work).
4) It's waste of time(I know time is valuable than money).
5) Why only me?(First ask all others to change)
and so on.......
You'll get an infinite number of reasons and the end result is same.
I want everybody to be perfect except me. Then what the hell am I doing here? Blame others for my mistakes. I don't even try to change myself and I want all others to be perfect. Am I expecting too much from this world? These are the things we need to think.
Here I want to confirm one thing.... All through my life I tried my best to stop corruption. Whether you believe me or not, it doesn't matter to me. And I don't want to drill too much into my past. Today I promise to myself that I won't encourage corruption. I am not talking about trying my best, I want to implement with perfection.... 100%. Under any circumstances and even if it cause me big loss/damage. At least I get the satisfaction that I am not into it. And I am not giving a chance to others to expect something from my side. Now the big Question. Why am I writing all these things in a blog? I can just keep it in my mind and start implementing it or I can write it in my personal dairy. The reason is I feel happy if at least one more person gets influenced by this idea. And the other reason is people say that If you want to stop smoking, tell that to at least 4 people. Whenever you try to break your promise, these 4 people will make you feel guilty. So I am using the same logic here.

My only request is not to make a comedy of this issue and my decision. You can continue with your own priorities. But don't blame others unnecessarily. If you want to see some change in society then start it with you.
(Ardha raatri thinnadi arakka veededo thokkalo decision teeskunte idantha manaku cheppala ani evaraina anukunte Iam sorry)

Most of the times we don't even know that it's corruption. Because in all these years we are tuned to some things which are not correct and our mind says that there is nothing wrong in doing such things. Think twice before you do something which involves money.



  1. Guru bhai..u selected a revolutionary topic to start ur blog. You mentioned some gud points, but if you just tell to people thru your blog to stop corruption, i dont think people stop doing corruption. Seriously the system which controls the corruption needs to get stronger. If you jst tell people to stop corruption, not many ppl r going to change, bcoz its human mentality, if der is an easier way to get things done, obvuosly people choose it even if it means corruption. For example consider der r 3 people in a team who need to implement a team task and submit , but if their mentor is not strict obviously every one tries to get away with the task, knowing that even if one of them finish the task, all them get equal marks, even this is also corruption.

  2. U r right Kranthi. May be I can't change people by writing my ideas in this blog. But there is nothing wrong in giving a try.
    I remember a dialogue(Dats the basic plot) from the movie Shawshank Redemption where the hero Tim Robbinson says "Hope is a good thing". And that dailogue is the formula of my life. Hope for the good/best.
    And I know just my hope cannot solve the problem. Every movie starts off with a first scene. Every race starts off with the first step. U can't expect climax directly. This is my first step towards the goal.... "Stopping corruption". I know that I need to travel a long way to get the goal.
    Think about the journey of a man since the start of this world. People challenged all the odds in their way and came to this position. If a country can get the freedom and create a mark of it's own in the world.... Why can't we expect a corruption less society? Can't we stop corruption with unity. If a gandhi can alone influence the total country,then why can't we? Remove the word "NO" from ur brain. There is no guaranteee for anything in this world. It depends on how we prove/show the "Possible Factor" of certain things.
    Even after knowing about the quality of facilities and players in the country we expect something big in every Olympics. If u can trust others that much then start trusting urself and ur ideas. If u sit in bus what is the guarantee that u can get to the destination. Think with a piece mind... In this case u r not trusting the driver or the bus. But u trust in urself. U r just thinking of the destination and ur total concentration is on destination. At that point of time ur mind think about the destination and next steps, but not the odds in between. If u start thinking about the odds then I am telling u hell looks better than a bus journey. So plan ur journey and think of the destination. The feel/imagination of getting to ur destination/goal gives u lot of strength and that makes u travel all the way.
    Sorry for the long message but my point is "life is wot u believe in and the way u implement". If a negative thought can discourage u then a positive thought should encourage u to get to the goal. "Hope is good thing". If u have a doubt in ur mind then there is nothing wrong in giving a try.

  3. yendira guru ga itta maaripoyav...........
    ina intha oopika naaku thelisi neeku lede?
    matter mana sonthadena leka ekkadinunchaina ctrl+c ctrl+v aaaaaa.

  4. nee dialogue follow avutunna ra...
    Rakhee cinema chusi vachi cheppe vaadivi kada... Inka ennaallila bratukutaaru... maarandra ani...

    Kashtapadi motham type chesaanu rarey. Naa credibility ni shankiste oorukunedi ledu.