Wednesday, 21 January, 2009


Welcome to all :)
After continuously postponing for 2 long years, today I've decided to start my blog.
In this blog I'll post my views on Movies, Sports(Mainly Cricket ,Foot Ball and Tennis), Regular News(Political, Gossips), TV shows and Most importantly My ideas on different issues/topics.
Some posts will be on serious note and some posts will be just for fun.
Thanks for Visiting my blog.



  1. Its quite encouraging that u have started a blog after a long wait. My best wishes buddy.

    Suggestions:- Typing mistakes to be checked twice before u post the blog.

    Comments: I didn't understand the connection between Barack obama , americans and Corruption in India. I mean to say that u didnt conclude the isssue.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion man.
    As u mentioned there is no connection between Barack Obama and corruption in India. But while discussing about the crisis situation in America we came through the word "Corruption". Then we started discussing about corruption in India.
    Coming to conclusion.... I am not talking about any movie story. And only conclusion I can think of is to stop corruption. And I started implementing it. I just want everybody to notice the importance of "stopping corruption".

    If u r not convinced with my explaination Please come up with more questions/suggestion. My goal is to implement my idea perfectly and encourage others to do it.