Tuesday, 27 January, 2009


Idea, Concept, Writers, Discussions, Story, Producer, Financiers, Director, Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, Production Manager, (Title), Makeup Man, Photo Shoots, Lead Actors, Support Cast, Distributors, Dialogue Writer, Camera Man, Music Director, Lyricist, Editor, Action Director, Choreographer, Art Director, Publicity Designer, Drivers, Dupes, Costumes, Locations, Permissions, Ropes, Glycerin, Remunerations, Schedules, Dates, Reels.......

Lights, Camera, Action, Cut, Retake, Dialogues, Scenes, Songs,
Stunts, Graphics, Posters, Banners, Advertisements, Audio Release, Editing, Dubbing, Re-recording, Prints, Movie Release......
With lots of hopes and inputs from various people, Money, Careers and futures at stake.......

And finally the day has come. Movie is released.

Predictions, Tickets, Titles, Whistles, Dances, Silence, SMSs, Discussions, Samosas, Cool Drinks, Pop corns, Reactions, Reviews and Ratings.....

Collections, Profit/Loss, Success Meets, Platinum Disc functions, Interviews, Television rights.....

This is the saga..... Real story of every movie. Even after working hard for many days, Investing lots of money, Getting high quality inputs from all the people involved in the making of the movie, The total cast & crew has to depend upon audience reaction to decide the fate of the movie.

This is from the movie maker's perspective. What about the audience?

They make predictions depending on the cast/technical crew/advertisements/posters/music. They decide to spend their valuable money and time hoping for the entertainment/satisfaction/Refreshment. Waiting out side theater gates, Standing in the long queues, Fighting with fellow moviegoers and after all the hard work they enter into the theater. So much of Hype, Hopes, Predictions, Doubts, Discussions and in the end the result.......


This single word decides the future of the movie and people associated with it. Very simple!!
So what is a movie?
It is a video/audio/Combination of pictures which is intended for public. It involves individual and combined hard work from different people, their Hopes, Beliefs, Calculations, Numbers etc...

What makes a movie Hit/Flop?
Internal factors & External factors.
Internal factors are story, screenplay, music, Direction, Comedy, twists, Freshness, Emotion and all. If everything is perfect then we can expect the movie to become a hit.
External factors are like competition, Season, Piracy, Awareness(Advertising), Public Mindset, Political conditions etc....
External factors are like an iceberg in the story of titanic. Titanic was perfect in all aspects. Be it the design of the ship or be it The captain and other crew in the ship. Everybody was happy with the outcome and still it sank. So thinking about external factors is also as important as thinking about the internal factors. In the end only the result matters and nothing else.

As of now this is what i got to say about movies.
I am posting review of a recent(not very recent) movie. This was the first review written by me.

Movie : Surya S/O krishnan
Cast : Surya(Dual Role), Simran, Sameera Reddy, Divya Spandana
Music : Harris Jayraj
Director : Gautam Vasudev Menon
Genre : Auto-Biography
Result : Realistic and Boring

Basic Plot :
Story of a father and son. It's all about a son who is influeced by his father in every aspect of his life.

Details :
When you see this movie on screen... U observe 3 people....
Surya, Gautam Vasudev Menon and Harris Jayraj. This is the one among the list of very few movies which fails even after having great Performances/Inputs from all the departments.
Many* people like reading poetry. But Most* of them won't prefer it when they r so hungry/irritated. This is the main problem with the movie Surya s/o Krishnan. People appreciate realistic movies but only to an extent. How many people in this world want to waste his money and time just to watch Tears, Sadness and Pain for 2:30Hrs (For people who saw this movie already.... I know u felt like spending half of ur life in the theatre... But let me remind u its jst a 2:30Hrs Movie :) ). The movie is just like revisiting painfull days of our lives.

Surya is simply superb, Mindblowing. He acted with great ease and played the two roles of father and son perfectly.
Simran did well. If u like Sameera.... after watching this movie u'll become mad for her. If u don't like Sameera.... Then u'll change ur mind after watching this movie. Her best movie so far.

Technical Department:
Though it's not a hit movie direction is top class. Gautam's creativity is in full flow. In every scene u can see Gautam's hard work and his impact. Good story,screenplay and dialogues.
Harris Jayraj provides the only commercial element of the movie. The music will remain in ur heart for a long* time. Don't sing the songs in public bcoz lyrics r too awkward. Listen to the songs even if u decide to skip the movie.

Go and watch the movie for Surya's performance, Well picturized songs and for the love story between Surya and Sameera.
If u r a commercial movie buff..... watch this movie to find the difference between commercial and art cinema :)

Entertainment : 4 out of 10
Creativity : 9 out of 10
Performance : 10 out of 10

PS: For people who are concerned about soft skills.......
My assumption of Many in this review is 60%
Most = 90%
Long = at least 2 - 3 months



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