Friday, 30 January, 2009

January 2009


This year's Australian open was like perfect commercial movie. So many twists N turns in the initial rounds, Lots of entertainment, Competitive Tennis and finally deserved players in semis and finals. Disappointed with Djokovic... Expected him in semis at least. Paes did his best and Bhupathi looking forward for 2 more grand slam titles now. Sania is more like a doubles player now. Tough draw for her in singles.... So can't blame her in that aspect.
Women's tennis became too unpredictable after Williams sisters domination and henin's consistency. Serena back to her early 2000s form. She looks unbeatable with her present form. Congrats Serena and Venus for doubles title. I hope Serena adds singles title also to her tally.
Rafa N Fedex incredible as always. Expecting one more interesting final clash between them. My bet is on Roger this time. This man is very eager(Basically I am very eager) to cross Sampras's all time highest gland slams record.
Good luck to Yuki Bombri(IND) who reached semis in both singles and doubles in Juniors division. Future looking good for Inida.


ManU and Barca going great in their leagues. Now Ronaldo back to form with 2 goals against WestBorm it's tough to beat ManU. For Barca Messi and Xavi showing their class touch. Messi is in his peak form. This guy is too quick and fast... He can try his hands(May be legs) in running competitions too. ManC should stop running after big players and think about getting results.


Good start for India in the new year with a convincing win against Lanka. Jayasurya going great even at the age of 40. It's a big achievement to score century in this age. Gambhir continuing his form with the bat. Bad start for MasterBlaster in new year.... But no problem he saw 18 new years in his long playing career.
SouthAfricans enjoying the wins on Aussies. Aussies never looked so hapless in last 20 years. It's now time for them to come back into normal world where losing is as common as winning.

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