Friday, 6 February, 2009


Cast: Abhay Deol, Mahie Gill, Kalki Koechlin
Music: Amit Trivedi
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Genre: Love!!
Result: Not a grosser... Still a winner

Basic Plot:
Modern adaptation of Sharatchandra Chaterjee's Devdas

Censor board gave an U/A certificate to this movie. But the movie deserves an A+++ for it's content, Scenes and Dialogues(?). If you are interested in knowing about an 'A' certified movie, read through next lines. Else have fun.
दिल्ली में बिल्ली को काटो या खाओ मगर पालो मत. ...... Chunni says to Dev. This dialogue perfectly portrays the mood of the movie. Rebellious, Path breaking and Straight form the heart. The characters in the movie rarely speak something. Eyes do most of the talk and some times the frame itself says it all. Same Dev, same Paro, same Chanda and the same age old story.... But DevD is very much different from the original Devdas. Most of the scenes show smoking, Drinking and Drugs. I forgot the scenes but I remember laughing at least once in every 2 minutes. Every frame and every scene is special in it's own way and evokes some laughter out of no where and without many dialogues. It's a perfect blend of all available aspects.... Comedy, Romance(&More than that), Songs, Love, Drama, Emotion. Don't expect any fights. 30% of the dialogues are bad words and suits well to the situation. Running time of songs is almost equal to the running time of rest of the movie. I wonder how they managed to justify all 18 songs?
They are Perfectly inserted into the script and connects well with the mood of the movie. All songs pictured very well. The movie is like a very well crafted painting.

Abhay Deol dons the role of Dev with utmost perfection. He is a promising actor. His introduction scene is good. This movie will bring him so many good offers. I am waiting for his next movie. Mahie Gill gave a matured performance as paro. She look same as her sister Priya Gill who also acted in few movies. Kalki Koechlin is perfect as Chanda. She is innocent and seductive too. She managed all emotions very well. Her smile is simply superb. No wonder that Dev fall for her.

Technical Departments:
Anurag Kashyap comes up with a stunning adaptation of Sharat's classic. He wrote Satya 10 years back, BlackFriday 4 years back and now he is back with DevD. Needs to mention Abhay Deol's name who gave the basic idea of this script. I am sure Anurag would have said to himself after every day's shoot....."Yes, I had lot of fun today". Screenplay is the major advantage of the movie. Only few people can match with Anurag when it comes to writing a script which is hard hitting and original. I am sure this guy worked on this scripts even in his dreams. Tremendous effort by Anurag kashyap. I am sure he will get lot of recognition now.
I have no words to praise the music of the movie. Best in recent times. All 18 songs are good. Background score for Chanda's character is undoubtedly pick of the movie. Amit no hurry man. You have a great future. Keep rocking. Photography is apt for the script.

The movie is intended for only specific section of audience(Youth and that too boys). Watch at your own risk. Enter into theater with open mind and be ready to accept anything and everything you watch on screen. If you are looking for morals and ethics in the movie then you are in the wrong place. The movie is very different from the typical commercial/art cinema you watch in bollywood. Either you feel like watching best movie in your life or you feel like an Emotional Atyachar.
I just love this "Emotional Atyachar"

Rating: 10 out of 10

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