Friday, 20 February, 2009


Cast: Abhishek Bachan, Sonam Kapoor, Atul Kulakarni
Music: A R Rahman
Director: Rakeysh OmPrakash Mehra
Genre: Love & Drama
Result: Unimpressive

Basic Plot:
Life in Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

Rakeysh Mehra after the stupendous success of Rang De Basanti took his time and directed his next movie Delhi6. Understandably he is still in RDB mood and tried his best to create another movie in the lines of his previous film. Rang De Basanti has some message, artistic values and commercial elements all in equal proportion. But Mehra failed to show same magic again in Delhi6. This time he used Ram Leela to convey his story just like in RDB where he connected the story of Bhagat Singh to current scenario. He succeeded in connecting Ram Leela and present world but failed to connect it with the Audience chord.
Roshan(Abhishek Bachan) lives in US with his parents. He comes to India with his grandmother as she wants to spend her last days in Delhi6(Chandni Chowk), where she grew up. The first half of the movie is all about how Roshan mingle with different characters in Chandni chowk. He meets Sonam kapoor, his neighbour and they share some real good moments together. Meanwhile the director shows us some problems in the colony. The main being a Kaala bandar, a mystery person/animal which attacks people and takes their money and valuables. The other problems are a rift between two brothers, Sonam's disinterest in getting married. All these threads are connected with different aspects in Ram Leela. First half entertains the audience with some funny scenes and good songs. Second half introduces one serious problem in the form of Hindu-Muslim riots due to some misunderstandings. Roshan tries to convince people and that leads to some interesting twists and turns in the end. The climax scene unveils some secrets and truths to give a perfect ending to all the threads involved in the movie.

Abhishek delivered very matured performance. Sonam impresses with her looks and acting. Atul Kulkarni steals the show with his innocent character. Rishi Kapoor is superb as always. There are so many other characters played by some experienced and new artists. Everybody contributed their best.

Technical Departments:
Rakeysh Mehra did his best to convey some message to audience. He executed every scene in very innovative way and still fails to impress people. He failed to write proper screenplay. Looks like he got confused with all the threads in the story and leaves the audience in the confused state too. Mehra tried many things at a time and lost his focus on the main story. Lyrics and dialogues by prasoon joshi are good and deserve some applaud. Photography by Binod Pradhan is top class. Now comes the trump card... Mr. A R Rahman. Songs and background score are like heart & soul to the movie. The music is very refreshing and tries hard to involve audience in the proceedings of the movie.

Movie disappoints the audience due to slow narration and confused screenplay. Ram Leela scenes coming at regular intervals of the movie frustrates the viewers. Many threads in the movie makes people loose focus on the main story. On the other hand movie provides good message to the audience. I like the way director showed how people leave everything to the god and don't even try to solve their problems.

Rating: 6 out of 10


  1. I liked the movie delhi 6.Sir i have a question for u Did you ever visit Chandni Chowk of Delhi during daseera? If u had then u wouldnt quote "Ram Leela scenes coming at regular intervals of the movie frustrates...." itz very much part of the plot.Mr.Raykesh tried to show the events of chandni chowk as it is. and he did a wonderful job in joining the threads. Indian cinema requires movies likes this. "Showing us as we are"

  2. Srini it's good that you liked the movie. I never said it's a bad movie. I said it disappoints you.
    I never went to Chandni chowk. May be the Ram Leela scenes are part of their life. But how does it matter to me? When I spend my money on a movie... I expect something out of it. May be entertainment or may be some satisfaction. Why should I spend my money to watch somebody Else's life story though it's not interesting to me? I agree with your point that he connected the story of the movie with Ram Leela episodes very well. I wrote the same thing in the review too. But in the second half whenever I came across those Ram Leela scenes the first reaction in my mind was... "Come on man... Not again". If you believe that the factor "reality" is alone enough to satisfy the audience then bring the money... I've hundreds of real stories with me. I can make many movies based on my every day's life. Creativity and reality has their own borders when it comes to presenting it in front of audience. I said "Rakeysh Mehra executed every scene in innovative way". That's not enough srini. To be frank it's a very well made movie and got some good message too. Show me the collections... I'll change my review!!

  3. "Collections dont make a movie good " and No one has asked u to spend ur valuable time and money for the film, the film never promised it.... and you have yourself categorized the plot as Life in Chandni Chowk, Delhi and the title of the cinema also advertises this, i think a movie fanatic like u will easily grasp this before spending your money, and for an example "Fashion" this movie revolves around the whereabouts of the Fashion Industry and "DEVD" about modern devdas "Life in a Metro" about the daily life in a metro, the film makers here have shown what the title advertises, a future prospect like you missed this basic thing what on earth should i see more........

  4. Hey srini cool down. Nice analysis and nice examples too. I have 1 question for you. Do you know the movie Aag? Before starting that movie Ramu clearly specified that it's a modern day adaptation of bollywood blockbuster "Sholay". And it was. Still the movie failed(Leave about collections... I mean people didn't like the movie). Why? Ramu showed exactly what he promised before the release of the movie. Even the Promos said it's Sholay. What was the problem then? ***Entertainment***. Promos promise you so many things. People spend their money on movies with a hope. And I repeat I go to movie depending on what I perceive from the promos. I make my own predictions. So in the end that was my reaction to the movie. Even in my previous reply I asked you to read the review again. Because I never said it's a bad movie. It was very honest effort from Rakeysh Mehra and the message was good. But the execution of the movie disappointed me. Entertainment was missing in the movie. Don't tell me that he never promised me entertainment. That's the least thing I expect from a movie. When it comes to RamLeela scenes... that was my personal opinion(& That was the reaction I saw from people in the theater). Perception varies from person to person.
    Thanks for the honest feedback on my review.

    P.S: Sorry Ramu for mentioning Aag. I know you won't mind.

  5. Perception varies from person to person... I like your answer. Hence we can stop this continuing debate as i cannot put my legs in your way for a long time, as i need to move forward . Bye

  6. Thanks mate. You saved my time and urs too.
    Njoy :)