Friday, 24 July, 2009


My day starts with her

My day ends with her

She is my best friend

She is my worst enemy

She was with me in every aspect of life

In so many different forms

Whatever the situation

She did her job perfectly

She says good morning with her beautiful smile

I trusted her

I loved her

I hated her

I shouted at her to shut her mouth

I slapped her carelessly

Some times I thought of throwing her away

I asked her to go away from my life

In need I asked her help

She did it without any hesitation

I never cared her

I never gave any respect to her work

Her commitment is infinite

What she expected is some commitment from my side

I failed to provide many times

Still she never felt bad

She did her job without any hard feelings

She helps me

She loves me

She irritates me

Sometimes she almost kills me with her actions

Still I love her

She don’t know what is “NO”

I need her company

I want her to be with me forever

I am selfish

I won’t give her any respect

I never pay any attention to her

Still I need her company

In every walk of my life

My success, my failure, my life

Everything depends on her

She never gets any recognition

But I know she stays with me forever

Without any expectations from me

Helps me everyday

With full commitment

One day my friend asked me “who is that girl?”

I said “My Alarm Clock”

All through my life I hated my alarm clock as I am a big lazy soul and hate to wake up early. Still everyday before going to bed I set my alarm. Whenever it rings I feel like throwing it away. We never recognize the role of an alarm clock in our life.

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