Friday, 7 August, 2009


Cast: Nitin, Priyanka Kothari
Music: Bapi-Tutul
Director: RamGopal Varma
Genre: Suspense Thriller
Result: Watch it!!

Basic Plot:
A movie shooting in deep forest.An unknown power kills one after another.

Varma is very well known for making Horror, Suspense movies. Success or failure he kept making movies. Again he came up with a suspense movie and it clicked this time. May be not a great movie but it's worth watching once. Group of people enter into forest for a movie shoot. Movie starts with introduction of all characters and with some funny one liners. Slowly Ramu takes you into main plot and from then on the story takes of everything. One unknown power starts killing members of the crew one by one. Can't reveal rest of the story as this is a suspense movie.

All actors gave brilliant performances. Everybody gave their best. Movie has only few characters and all of them excelled in their roles.

Technical Departments:
RGV's effort works this time. Surely he is a great director. He got brilliant performances form all his actors and also quality inputs from every technician. Background score helped a lot in adding the suspense to the movie. As always Ramu's camera moves oddly to create some suspense. Cameraman did his job perfectly. Very quality movie considering it's a low budget movie. Production values are good.

Watch it if you are a suspense cinema fan. It won't offer you many new things but surely it keeps you engaged for 2hrs. Suspense added by brilliant performances and few funny dialogues makes the movie worth a watch.

Entertainment Quotient: 7 out of 10

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