Thursday, 12 November, 2009


Few days back I saw this poster in internet. This is a poster of Telugu movie 'Leader' starring ace producer Ramanaidu's grand son Rana and most importantly directed by 'Sekhar Kammula'. Almost 2 years after the grand success of 'happy days', Kammula directed this movie. I don't know about Rana much but I can bet he must be a decent actor at least because Kammula took him as hero.

Coming to this poster, in the very first view I was very much impressed with the design and look of it. I can see rich and decent look in it. Looking at the title and Sekhar's name, reminds me Mani sir's GURU movie. The title GURU and the line 'A Mani Ratnam film' looks same like this. Even the way Rana standing resembles to Abhishek in GURU poster. Overall the background and everything is perfect. I just saved this poster in my laptop and thought of posting it in my blog as soon as I get some time. But days passed by and I could not upload it in my blog. Today I was browsing and I saw trailers of this movie. I must say very very impressive. This one looks like a very serious movie. I am gonna watch it first day. It's been a long time since I was waiting for a movie related to politics. Last time I saw a movie on politics was Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal. Sekhar, I am waiting for 'Leader'. Good luck for you, your team and Rana too. I am posting the you tube links of this movie trailers. Have fun.

Trailer1 - English
Trailer2 - Telugu

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