Tuesday, 13 October, 2009


Friends I am back. I guess I am totally neglecting my blog these days. From now onwards I'll try to write regularly. In fact I am missing my blog too. Believe me... 2 very interesting posts are waiting for you. Need to sleep now re.... Already it's 2 (In night) and my eyes are cursing me for straining them too much. I'll post my next posts in coming 2 days and will try to write regularly. For now just take these 2 quotes exclusively for you(Not copied ones.... Prepared by me... You can confirm that after reading them because they actually look like khichdi than quotes!!).

"Satisfaction should be a mind thing because it's tough to convince your heart".

"If you ask one... You'll surely get it. If you ask many... You can still get them. But if you ask everything.... The only thing you get is 'Middle Finger' (Yes, I mean it)".

Just for Fun: These days the word 'promise' looks like 'Promiss' to me. Both can be pronounced in same way too.

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